Strip posted July 26 2002.

New strips updated irregularly.

Previous strips:
TT1 - Anne and Heather discuss the absurdity of milk.
TT2 - Stephanie and Joe talk about cars.
TT3 - Jo Ann guest stars on Erin Blue's Catbox.
TT4 - Petra and Libby discuss fine dining.
TT5 - Anne talks to Gretchen about her diner.
TT6 - Meghan, Sheryl, and Libby talk stereotypes.
TT7 - Anne shares her culinary masterpiece with Heather.
TT8 - Heather realises she forgot something.
TT9 - Stephanie asks for cleaning tips from Erin.
TT10 - Anne disagrees with some advice from Jeri_Chan.
TT11 - Amanda on the set with Jessica and Gena.
TT12 - Erin tries to get help from Stephanie with her cold.
TT13 - Jeri_Chan has some ear issues.
TT14 - A runaway arrives in Tailtown.
TT15 - Jenni applies for a job at the diner.
TT16 - Jenni finds out about the costumes.
TT17 - Gretchen demonstrates how stuck she is.
TT18 - Jenni confirms what she has heard.
TT19 - Jenni and Gretchen discuss outside appearances.
TT20 - A SPY girl arrives in town.
TT21 - SPY girl has a cellphone misshap.
TT22 - Things not to say to a costumed girl on a sunny day.